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On The Day Appointment Request:

Our on the day, nurse led Open Clinics are designed for urgent, on the day issues which cannot wait.  We ask that, where appropriate patients make use of other NHS services before attending.  There may be a wait, especially on Mondays and Fridays.  The Open Clinic runs every weekday, 8:00am - 10:30am and 2:30pm - 5:00pm.

Following extensive patient feedback and record demand on the NHS over winter, we are making some changes to the Open Clinic to help it operate more effectively.  

From January 29th 2018;

  • Only people with urgent, on the day issues will be allowed to use the Open Clinic.  To help we have produced a list of on conditions which can be seen via the Open Clinic, see below for details.
  • If you don’t meet the criteria for the Open Clinic we will book you a telephone triage call with the doctor.  They will either help you over the phone or be able to book you an appropriate appointment.
  • We have increased the number of pre-bookable appointments available, making it easier to manage routine problems.


Additional information

Ear ache


Ear discharge/blocked with wax

Seek help from Pharmacy initially.



Hay fever

Seek help from Pharmacy initially.



Sore throat, tonsillitis, laryngitis


"Flu" like symptoms


Cough/Chesty cough




Conjunctivitis, blood shot eyes

Seek help from Pharmacy initially.



Abdominal pain










Athletes foot

Seek help from Pharmacy initially.

Shingles/chicken pox


Emergency contraception only

Seek help from Pharmacy initially.

Vaginal discharge


Back pain


Neck stiffness


Pulled muscles


Frozen shoulder






Itchy eyes


Swollen glands


Chest Infection


Wound Infections


Kidney Infections


Cystitis A sample will be needed.
Lumps and bumps Injuries within the last 72 hours should be directed to hospital.

Why have you started running walk in clinics?

Following successful trials and very positive patient feedback we have taken the decision to roll out walk in clinics 5 days a week.  On a typical weekday we have around 80 patients who ask for an on the day appointment, on a Monday this number can rise to over 100. This combined with the fact that approximately 200 appointments a month are wasted by people not attending, many of which have been requested on the day has led us to look at alternative ways to handle with requests for on the day appointments and believe walk in clinics will make it easier to access services, when you want to.

In the past, patients have told us they find it difficult to access an on the day appointment and at peak times find it very difficult to contact us via telephone.  Last summer we successfully introduced a new triage system. Up until June, if you requested an on the day appointment a Clinician will ring you back, normally within 30 minutes and discuss your problem and if necessary, will invite you in for an appointment. However this system still didn’t guarantee you an on-the-day appointment and getting through on the telephone was still difficult.  If you attend the walk in clinics you are guaranteed to see a clinician. 

Does this mean the end to pre-bookable appointments?

No. We remain committed to offering pre-bookable appointments, these new walk in clinics are for emergency, on the day appointments.  You can still book ahead for routine matters. 

Will there be a big wait?

We cannot guarantee wait times, as we work on clinical need.  Sometimes you may walk right in and see a doctor, other times there may be a wait.  We expect demand to be higher at peak times; Mondays and Fridays and have increased the number of staff on hand to help with these clinics.

Is it first come first served?

No.  It is based on clinical need; the clinicians will look at the symptoms you have provided to reception and make an assessment about who clinically needs to be seen first.  This is why it is important you give an accurate description of your symptoms.

Is there somewhere private to discuss my symptoms?

Yes.  Just ask reception, we always have a room available to discuss things in private.

Will I definitely see a doctor?

Depending on your symptoms you may see a Nurse Practitioner or a Doctor.  The clinicians most suited to providing the correct health care will see you.  If you insist on seeing a doctor or a specific doctor, when another Clinician is available, it may result in a longer wait.

One Problem Per Appointment

Following on from recent feedback we are trying to raise awareness across our group of surgeries of our one problem per appointment policy.  We politely ask patients to only discuss one problem per appointment.  This helps ensure clinics run to schedule and other patients aren't inconvenienced.  If you need an additional appointment to discuss further problems, please ask at main reception.

Longer appointments, based on clinical need are available on request, these will be triaged before they can be booked.

Telephone Availability

If you would like to speak with a GP via the telephone, please ask the receptionist who will book a time for a GP to call you back.   Please note, our Doctors/Nurses will attempt to contact you after normal surgery.  Unanswered calls will result in the appointment being lost.

Book Appointments Online

We are pleased to provide patients with access to its Clinical System via a Secure Web Interface, so they can book appointments online.

To use Patient Access (EMIS) you will need a Practice ID number and an Access ID number which is obtained from the practice, and, in conjunction with a password, will be unique to you.

Please contact the reception to register for this service or click the link below if you have already have your login details.


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